Açı Has Been Renewed

We have renewed with its new features! The features that stand out in the new version are:

  • More practical interface.
  • Thanks to the call suggestion pool, individual users can now publish calls too. You can win Inopoints by determining the most valuable idea with the comments and points that your calls receive.
  • Now, you do not need to become a corporate member first, to be able to publish calls on You can make your call take its place on in a faster way by sending your call details and company information from the free call page.
  • Member notification section has been improved. Instant notification sections for when a corporate firm's call receives a solution or when an individual member's solution receives a comment, when his solution is awarded and similar actions, have been improved.
  • On, there is an opportunity of winning surprise gifts for the most active members of the week, month and period with the Inopoints that they collect.
  • You can quickly become a member of via your accounts on social networking sites, and log in to the site.
  • You can quickly share the contents that you find interesting on social networking sites.

What will take you to an exciting innovation journey is a right call model and a good innovation call. With this conscious, new innovation call types continue to serve on the new version of on social networks


As Erksoft, we hope it brings good luck to the team and investors of

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