"Ask the President" Questions and Answers Software Platform

CB Sorun

The presidency uses “KolayPortal XL Soru Cevap” Software Platform in its "Ask the President" CBSorun project.

Software infrastructure of CBSorun (Ask the President) project has many features. In the forthcoming days of the project, it will be renewed and its improvement will be continued according to visitors' expectations.

I think the real influence of the project, besides the strength of its technical infrastructure, is Public Relations; that is, it strengthens the communication between the Public and the President.

The Palace Team, which effectively uses Social Media in particular, has carried the communication between the Public and the President to a further level by adding bidirectional interactivity with the questions-answers project.

The slogan "Open to the Public, with the Public...", which we developed in our firm in 2005 to be used in the Government, especially in our projects that we carried out in the field of "E-Municipality", and turned into brochures, made perfect sense with this project.

We have seen in CBSorun project that the soft hand of technology would be beneficial for communication, which we had been trying to tell at local governments for so many years.

I congratulate the Presidency's Department of Institutional Communication and the Department of Information Technologies team for actualising such a challenging project that demanded really intense efforts.

At the same time, I would like to thank my workmates at Erksoft who develop software infrastructure and give quick answers for possible problems.

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