e-BEYAS 2014, Electronic Document Management and Archive Applications Symposium

A symposium titled “e-Beyas 2014, Electronic Document Management and Archive Applications” and led by Ankara University is to be held on 20-21 March 2014 in order to examine the subject thoroughly, listen to new ideas and share information about innovative applications as digitalizing classical archives in institutions is getting faster and faster with the new trend nowadays.

e-BEYAS 2014 Sempozyumu;

This symposium aims at developing dialogue among institutions and companies, realizing a scientific and social interaction, and helping academicians and pragmatics share their knowledge and experiences on the topics stated below:

  • Document Center and Archive Places in Institutions
  • Digitalizing Archive Documents and e-Archive Applications
  • Electronic Document Management and Interoperability
  • e-Signature / m-Signature Solutions and Mobile Applications
  • Technological Dimension of Electronic Document Management Systems

Moreover, “Ankara University Institutional Document Center and Archive Building,” which will be inaugurated before the Symposium, and which has been designed as an independent and secure building in line with the Archive Place Standards in order to carry out institutional document management and archiving by means of using methods and techniques prescribed by the discipline of document management and archiving, is aimed to be presented as the pioneer in Turkey in the field.

Date and Venue;

e-BEYAS 2014 Symposium will be held on 20th -21st March 2014 at Ankara University, Gölbaşı 50.Yıl Campus, Ankara. Click for more information about transportation.

At e-Beyas 2014, which we support as a sponsor, there will also be a presentation through which we will share Erkyazılım’s experiences about digitalizing procedures.

You can examine our services by clicking on the link of Digital Archiving Services before the Symposium, and get more information about our product “Bigtara”, which we have developed through our digitalizing adventure.