Global Excellence Award to E-Bursagaz Project

Bursagaz offers higher quality online service to customers and business partners using Erkyazılım solutions.

The 3rd biggest gas distribution firm of Turkey, Bursagaz carried its corporate services to the online environment without compromising the international standards the firm adheres to. Instead of directly transferring corporate processes to the web, the firm implemented a more reliable and better controlled project by integrating them to WAN servers through web service interfaces developed with Microsoft technologies.

The firm's integration software was designed to operate in synchronization with "KolayPortal XL", corporate portal product developed by Erkyazılım, and the corporate subscriber monitoring system.

Bursagaz has certified its corporate quality by winning the "Award of Excellence" at the International Webaward Contest 2006, the 10th instance of the contest, with its E-Bursagaz project.

A successful corporate faceplate was established for in terms of design, facility, technology and innovation in 2005 thanks to the solution-oriented project partnership with Erkyazılım. Thanks to the "Kolay Portal XL" product, the corporate portal, which is the firm's introduction to the customer, was equipped with technologic infrastructure that could be updated by Bursagaz personnel at any time or maintained when necessary.

Ali Bayrak, Director of Bursagaz Information Systems, said: "As a local firm, we are proud to have won an international award in the name of Bursa. This award given to the website of Bursagaz leans against the customer-oriented, perfectionist and high-tech approach adopted by Bursagaz. With this award, we have proven once again that Bursagaz serves at global standards."

The project's success comes from the "request list and preliminary analysis" document finely issued by Bursagaz, a web concept appropriately designed in line with the firm's corporate identity and the "constant project development" agreement concluded by Bursagaz and Erkyazılım.

"While adapting well-projected demands to a convenient corporate form was an advantage for our firm, our efforts were also especially fueled by the fact that our customer had high expectations. In general, your work is considered to have been completed once the project is published but we held meetings with the Bursagaz Information Systems team and kept track of the intensive development process in order to ensure sustainable quality. Therefore, we were particularly proud and happy to realize and sustain a project that is always up-to-date and improves constantly." image

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WINNER NAME: Bursagaz A.S. - Natural Gas Utility

AWARD: Energy Standard of Excellence

OTürk Ottoman Documents Asset Database Project

While continuing our successful projects in digitizing classical archive studies, in the meantime we share the valuable archive studies with masses.

“OTÜRK DIGITAL” project which was created within the scope of “Islam Seljuk Ottoman and Turkish World Documentary” produced and directed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kala, provides more than 250,000 documents to be available for today’s researchers.

Some facts:

  • It involves the time period of 1040-1950
  • It mainly consists of the translation of Ottoman Turkish, partially Arabic and Persian archive and manuscript works.
  • It involves 3 continents and 8 geographical regions
  • It has documents related to 250 cities, 900 Muslim Judgeship-Townships
  • First document is from 1048
  • 250,000+ translations/documents are transferred to the system.

With the help of the project, OTürk Digital (OD) team loads the studies they have to the archive system and documents are subject to the word index of the archive system and are categorized for the utilization of researchers.

When researches enter into the system, they can examine the meta data by finding the documents, catalogues spot-on with the indices or smart search system and then they can add them to working folders to find them again, if they wish they can download the original document as PDF or JPEG.

Oturk Digital

In the systems with corporate and individual membership models, companies can apply collective subscription packages for their own employees. Therefore employees can reach the OD archive system on the IP system of their company or from the determined systems. OD archive system can be reached. For example, you can directly reach the OD archive from National Library systems. If they wish, corporate managers may apply authorization identification in order to limit access to a part of the archive. Individual members can buy document downloading right with their credit card and for affordable prices.

OTÜRK DIGITAL system user properties:

  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Smart search and recommendation system
  • Creating study folders and adding documents and study notes to the folders
  • Downloading requested documents as PDF/JPEG
  • IP-based limitless access right for corporate members
  • Authorized access right system.
  • Credit card subscription system for individual members
  • Detailed reports for corporate members
    • Which documents are examined
    • Which documents are downloaded
    • Which users used the system
    • Detailed word, summary, document, IP reports.
    • Reports in Excel format

OTÜRK DIGITAL system management properties:

  • Document transfer system
  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Authorized category three for editors
  • Authorized document examination module for editors
  • Package Price Management
  • Member Management
  • Agreement Management
    • Development of date-restricted agreement
    • Search restriction on whole text of summary of the document
    • IP restriction (single IP and/or IP interval definitions)
    • Restriction of user number
    • Daily, monthly and total document download limit definition
    • Catalogue access restriction (including all archive or a specific part into the agreement scope)
  • Tracking the account movements
  • Document, Publication, Publisher editing modules
  • The feature of opening specific words, catalogues to internet users of a specific corporate on websites.

The negotiations between Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kala and T.R. Presidency on including the project to the body of Presidency still continue.

Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship Digital Archive Project (NVI DAP)

Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship Digital Archive Project (NVI DAP)

National Scientific Fund – KAMAG Project was funded 100% by the state under the partnership of Erkyazılım, Tubitak National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, T.R. Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship (NVI).

With this project which commenced on the date of 01.11.2010 and was completed on 01.09.2013, it was targeted to;

  • Allow the requests of Citizens, Courts and other institutions to be responded quickly,
  • Prevent the loss of time and labor force resulting from operations such as access to archived paper documents, taken them out of the archive and multiplying them and archiving again,
  • Indexing of documents in paper environment in accordance with their corporate functions and original order on digital environment,
  • Prevent the wear and destruction resulting from physical usage of the documents, therefore preventing the corporate responsibilities and deprivation of rights to arise from the destruction of documents,
  • Creating an infrastructure that will allow operation with other e-government projects such as MERNIS.

It was aimed to develop an e-document management and sharing system for the transfer of documents to the electronic environment quickly and securely and the management and sharing of the documents.

Studies for development of an e-document management and sharing system for the quick and secure transmission of sampled 2,594,051 sampled pages which equal to 1% of 259,405,100 documents within the body of Civil Registration and Citizenship to electronic environment, their administration on the electronic environment, sharing them with other institutions were performed.

For the digitizing of Family Registers (60 X 80 cm), Round Notebooks (60 X 80 cm), Baseline Documents (A5-A4), baseline documents before the date of 1974, Incident Books (55x 40 cm), Registry Books (55x 40 cm), Citizenship Folders (A4), scanning devices with different properties from Zuetchel, Book2Net, Bookeye companies for the scanning of A0, A1 and A2 sized documents were used.

TSE 13298 T1 standard (400 dpi without compression, TIFF format main copy storage) was used as scanning standard.

Consultancy services were received from Hacettepe University, Marmara University, Sabancı University and Istanbul University for performing R&D studies towards the development of document ontology for the corporate, Ottoman handwriting identification and R&D studies were performed on both information and document management and handwriting definition, natural language processing subjects

Archive Automation Project of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Archive Automation Project of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is exciting both state officials and all our employees that are contributing to it.

Under the Project, it is planned to transfer 25 million documents covering all political relations between Turkey and foreign countries to digital environment. For this work, 250 personnel and 2 industrial scanners, the most advanced ones in the world and 6 precision-scanners are being used.

In this Project, we are working in accordance with TSE 13298 standards as we did in the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. We are generating 400dpi uncompressed TIFF files and we are processing the images via OCR and hence creating PDF copies. The size of data we are generating including master copies, circulation copies and OCR PDF files is exceeding PBs (petabyte). In fact, we can say that we are handling bigdata in a sense.

Prf. Doc. Çağrı Erhan gave detailed information about the Project in his article on Türkiye newspaper.

Instead of writing again, I share his article with you below:

T.C. Ministry of Foriegn Affairs eArchive Project brochure - english from Bulent Arslan

The memory of Foreign Affairs is being opened to researchers

On my corner “Diplomatic Reasoning”, I had shared my opinions regarding the status of archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with you several times. I mentioned that unlike the archives of many countries, Turkey’s failure to open its diplomatic archives to the service of researchers caused the researchers in the field of the Turkish Foreign Policy to have difficulty. Today, I would like to give good news for those looking forward to the day on which they’ll be able to work in archive.

Archive Automation Project of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was launched in line with Prime Minister H.E. Prf. Doc. Ahmet Davutoğlu’s order given when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, has started producing the first concrete results. In the Project works that are proceeding fast under the coordination of H.E. Ambassador Naci Koru, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and leadership of Doc. Nevzat Uyanık, Head of Archive Department, it has nearly come to the day when the archive will be opened to researchers. Local and foreign researchers will start crowding into the research halls inside the archive building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located in Çiğdem district in Ankara within 2015 for the first time throughout 91-year history of the Turkish Republic.

The following same reply has been given to those having applied to work in the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via mail or BİMER so far: “We aren’t able to meet your demand since the classification operations of the archive haven’t been completed yet”. Nobody will get such a reply as from the next mid-year. In several years, Turkey will be introduced to book-science universe with thousands of articles in Turkish and foreign languages including references to the diplomatic archive documents.

Let me share some data with you in order to allow you to understand better how magnificent this ongoing project is:

65 million 300 thousand pages belonging to the years between 1919 and 2008 are kept in our diplomatic archive. These are stored in 110 thousand huge folders. The transfer of 25 million documents covering all political relations between Turkey and foreign countries to digital environment will be completed until the end of 2015. For this work, 2 industrial scanners, the most advanced ones in the world and 6 precision-scanners are being used.

The documents regarding Latin America and Middle East countries belonging to the years between 1919 and 1958 have almost been prepared currently. 250 experts are working for two shifts a day in order to perform these works fast and correctly. Around 65% of the documents aren’t confidential, which means that they can be put into service of researchers as soon as the digitization operations are completed. A commission is going on their works with a view to removing the confidentiality record on the remaining documents as soon as possible. Another good news is that all files which aren’t confidential will be put into the service of researchers without waiting for removal of confidentiality record of all documents.

Most importantly, the archive is operating based on a researcher-friendly logic. I’ve been to the archives in the USA, UK and France for my scientific studies so far. I’ve learnt the working conditions of the archives in Russia and Germany via my friends who worked there for long time. The system to be implemented in the archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after a short time is more advanced than those of these countries. We are talking about a program which will search your key word over millions of pages and provide you with the documents that you want to reach digitally within seconds. You will be able to write your notes on the documents you reach virtually and collect them in separate folders and hence complete your archival work on the computer given to you in the archive building without a need for taking the copies of the documents.

Opening of diplomatic archives by Turkey is not important just for our political historians. Foreign researchers are also waiting for making use of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ archive like Ottoman Archive in Istanbul for years.

It has been 20 years since I started working as an assistant at Professorship of Political History of Political Sciences Faculty. I haven’t heard anyone in my generation who managed to get permission to study in diplomatic archives. My lecturers and their lecturer also weren’t unfortunately able to have a chance to study in our archive as they wanted even if they desired it very much. The fact that our diplomatic archive was closed has been the greatest source of regret throughout my 20-year professional life. But our young researchers will have the opportunity to make search for their scientific studies in an environment equipped with the recent technology. How lucky they are!

It is not enough to thank those who have paid efforts to this magnificent contribution to our scientific world. May God be pleased with them individually…

For the original article, please visit:


For other news regarding the Project in press, please visit:

e-Archive's Project -

Turkish Foreign Ministry opens its diplomatic archives for researchers -

Turkish Foreign Ministry opens its diplomatic archives for researchers -

You just ask, TSE will answer

I think Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) is one of the institutions in our country which produces the most information and documents institutionally. After taking a look at the documents that are produced, the subjects that are dealt with, it is not hard to understand that it would be hard for people, who are a little unfamiliar with the subject, to find a pinpoint answer in so much information.

While brainstorming with the TSE Information Technologies team about the subject, we realised that a platform, in which human answers will be able to be received to human questions, would fill a significant gap for those on the field who do business with TSE and those who are interested in the subject. When we developed the matter a little bit more, we saw that our question and answer product, which we had built with the name Cumhurbaşkanına Sorun (Ask the President of the Republic) for T.R. Presidency as well, had quite a good application area. Açıldı

TSE Is Answering (TSE Cevaplıyor), which makes it possible to convey any time and from anywhere the questions for which TSE experts, who work on the field and are competent in their subjects, are needed; aims for everybody to ask questions in subjects that are within TSE's area of interest, and receive consistent answers directly from the experts of those subjects.

What are the features of TSE Is Answering?



TSE Is Answering is a social networking platform on which people help each other.

It is a place to meet new people according to your interests and the subjects you are curious about. It offers you the opportunity to learn about what you wonder and teach what you know by establishing online communities and with high-quality sharing.

Ask a Question

You can ask real people the questions that preoccupy your mind. If there is a question, there is definitely an answer too.

While you can access on the internet tons of sources/information about a question that preoccupies your mind in daily life, a real person, whom you can ask about that subject, can give faster and more satisfying information. One day, a sultan fell from a horse, all the people of the palace surrounded him. When everybody was telling their own opinions about it at the same time, the sultan said; "find me someone who fell from a horse".

Questions with Time Limit

You can determine a latest answering date for the questions you arrange.

Choose the latest answering date while preparing a new question, and we will only present the answers after that date.

Make a Survey

You can prepare a survey very easily.

Sometimes you may need to draw very quick conclusions from the answers that will be given to a question. You can ask the questions in the related surveys both to the members of TSE Is Answering and to people on other sites by using a widget. TSE Is Answering does not intervene with the results of surveys in any way.

Surveys with Time Limit

You can determine a latest participation date for your survey.

Choose your survey's latest participation date while preparing a new survey, and we will only present the results after that date. If you want, make it open to the public so that everybody can vote; keep your finger on the pulse of the internet.

If you want, write it anonymously so that nobody will know you.

You can ask questions anonymously with the anonymity feature.

If you mark the option "I would like to ask this question as Anonymous User and hide myself." while asking a new question, your question will be published with a general user name that will appear as Anonymous User.

Therefore you can publish a question that you want to ask but feel shy about asking, without showing yourself up, with a clear conscience.

Smart call system

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You can follow those people whose questions and answers you like; you can see the questions that they ask instantly on your page that is special for you.


8 different RSS infrastructures like new surveys, latest answers, questions belonging to a person

You can subscribe to any of the 8 different RSS options on our site, and follow instant changes via your internet browser, without needing to connect to the site. In this way, you can also have the opportunity to have direct links to new coming messages and answers.

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Connect via your Facebook account without dealing with membership; ask, answer, share.

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