Application Criteria

What matters is the value of your idea, not that it is a unique one.

You are the true value to us. We also value the strong bond between you and your idea.

Erksoft is a software firm with software codes required to realize various projects at its disposal.

Erksoft is able to rapidly provide the software, server and internet bandwidth support that you will need to make your idea a reality.

Erksoft has the experience and knowledge necessary to accurately present your idea to the internet.

What you need to do is to have the energy, patience and stability to run about day and night to realize a business idea that you passionately love.

Conditions we are looking for

  • We are looking for creative people. Describe yourself. We will originally invest in you and your team.
  • You should express the bond between you and your business idea very well.
  • You should utilize the power of internet. Your idea should definitely be realized by using the internet.
  • You are required to not have received support from anywhere else for your project.
  • You should have a team of minimum 2 and maximum 5 people.
  • You should be able to submit a prototype of your idea before applying. IF you have a prototype, please state so in the application form.