Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea. How can I get investment?

You are required to complete the form under the Idea Pool tab. To get further information on application rules, you may read the application criteria.

Elimination and Evaluation Process

Erksoft team, an expert of its field, will perform a preliminary evaluation of your online application. Projects which pass preliminary elimination will be directly called by phone for a personal meeting.

Are there any application fees?

No fees are demanded for application and the following process.

How can I be sure that my ideas are not going to be used somewhere else?

Erksoft establishes the necessary environment of reliability and confidentiality with the Confidentiality Policy published on its website.

How is Erksoft different from its counterparts?

Erksoft was founded to build the correct bridge between idea owners and investors. It offers direct support to projects which can be realized rapidly. It incubates high-budget projects and presents them to more than one investor present in its network of investors in a plausible manner.

Erksoft provides direct consultancy and infrastructural services required in order for a project to be realized successfully and grow soundly.

What if the project/idea I am suggesting has already been suggested by someone else?

The project you submit may have been suggested by some other entrepreneur before or could be listed among projects developed by Erksoft. In this case, Erksoft officers decide which project to place ahead.